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It sounds heretical, but: Don’t ever visit your “My Documents” folder!

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Shortcuts allow a file to exist in one place, and to be created and put anywhere else you please.

In fact, you can create a dozen such icons and scatter them all over your hard disk.

He relies on the search functionality built into his Windows operating system to help him find whatever he’s looking for. Well, if all you ever want to do with the files you own is to locate and open them individually (for listening, editing, etc), then there’s no reason to ever bother doing one scrap of organization.

But consider these common tasks that are not achievable with desktop search software: something that a geek on a website can tell you.

It’s perfectly okay to put files into a folder called C:\Files\Me\From Others\Services\West Co Bank\Statements\2009. These folders then become the default location for files such as documents, music files, digital photos and downloaded Internet files.

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