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This will open the VBA Editor to the code module associated with that worksheet.

EVENTS -- On this page, we will be discussing only Excel's events related to Sheets, Workbooks, and the Application, which are completely independent of the events for user forms and controls on user forms.

The setting, discussed later, has no effect on events of user forms or controls on user forms.

When you change this setting, VBA will insert the procedure shell in the code module for you, ensuring that the procedure is properly declared.

Under no circumstances should you change anything in the Event Code Location For sheet (both worksheet and chart sheet) level events, the event procedure code must be placed in the Sheet module associated with that sheet.

OBJECT MODULES -- Everything related to event handling -- the definition of event procedures, creating a Learning What Events Are Available For An Object You can use the Object Browser in the VBA Editor to determine what events are avaiable for the three objects that generate events -- the Worksheet, the Workbook, and the Application.

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