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Re-branding her team the Chickabos, she represents our second team to be based out of Limsa Lominsa with her team doing battle in The Missing Member.Tifa, Iceheart, Celes, Merlwyb, and Faris have all signed on, determined to put to rest the demons of last season!Both teams are currently being interviewed and punishment will be doled out at the conclusion if any wrong-doing is found.

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Aniero Grigori returns to the league, helming up the newly formed Red Wings of Castle Baron.

His early draft strategy of picking players no one had ever heard of him may serve him well, if only because other teams have no idea how to prepare.

Earlier this week, we reported on possible injury concerns with Garnet.

MRI’s have come back negative, but the result on the pregnancy tests are still out!

However, I am proud to declare season two of the league official open!

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