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And you can only kick them out two times a year when they can relocate and don’t have any young.So, if you’re like us and find out you have 200 bats in the attic in the middle of the summer, you have to live with them, until the end of the summer when they can be kicked out.

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Mold remediation can be very expensive, but technology has come a long way.

We didn’t have the option to remove materials since the mold was all over the beams and pipes. Ask questions, and the inspector should have a handy gadget he can use to test for the M word.

Inspectors are human beings, and can make mistakes.

Also, if your inspection shows anything structural, get an engineer in there before you buy.

Our inspector caught a lot of important items, but also had a few big misses that added up to some serious dollars the first year we owned the home.

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