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Chastity Belt The Japanese apparently printed one of the strangest sex leaflets we have ever seen.

The leaflet was depicted in The Falling Leaf, Number 132, spring 1991.

Sex was always on the minds of the A 27 August 1945 Excerpt from an Army pamphlet destined to US occupation forces says that Japanese women have been taught to hate you. Stay away from the women of This calendar page was offered for sale by the estate of a former member of the U. Whatever the use, it is an interesting wartime item.

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It depicts a naked European woman and a chastity belt.

The actual leaflet is white and yellow on a deep red background.

The leaflet opens to show the woman and her foreign lover on the right side, the text as mentioned on the left.

On the back of the folded leaflet the British have printed a long propaganda text.

Sex is one of the oldest and most effective weapons in history. There are three different items known to have been printed and others may exist.

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