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It is, however, definitely written for those with some degree of personal growth, some opening up to the awareness that .

In this sense, it’s certainly in a much more sophisticated class than ‘Dating for Dummies 101’. She writes in a way that is easy to read – deceptively so, since each short chapter provides the basis for serious self-reflection, contemplation “Even if you’re not concerned with dating or finding a partner, consider how relying primarily on your eyes for information might be keeping you from more fully exploring smell, touch, sound, and taste.

The very fact that you have taken responsibility for your own love and pleasure rather than blaming someone or something outside yourself changes the whole experience.

Then you can breathe more fully into the present moment, face your fears, communicate, and expand into areas of yet-unknown bliss.” The book represents a handy guide for those seeking to understand why their dating is (so) unsuccessful.

In the last paragraph, Shaida summarises – perhaps inadvertently – the essence of the paradigm shift she advocates in her book: “I would have liked to thank more women teachers but have found that most female dating coaches and writers inadvertently perpetuate the conventional mindset that women are potential victims of men in the love realms, and that if women become sexual we ‘lose’ something.

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