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The Sahara desert is not too hot and the waters of the Mediterranean Sea will be calmer by April than they have been during the winter.

Timing is essential for this multinational trek due to the risks.

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Now his biggest fear is wasting his time in Ethiopia without being able to build a future for himself and his family.

There are countless others like him who have little chance of being legally resettled from Ethiopia through the UN program.

May Aini and Adi Harush are older camps, established between 20, and have reasonable infrastructures and services: Many houses are made of brick, clinics and schools are available, and various organizations work hard to provide recreation activities and vocational training.

Moreover, refugees have organized themselves, setting up informal banks, cinemas, bars, barber shops and pool houses.

Although not allowed to work in Ethiopia, many of the Eritreans do not like depending on others and want to support themselves while they wait in what they refer to as “the Ethiopian limbo.” Some find jobs in the black market as mechanics and builders, others set up irregular small businesses like pool houses and internet points.

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