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Kathy Watson (R., Bucks) to end that practice passed the House overwhelmingly, but ran into opposition from Sen.

Stewart Greenleaf, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, who let the clock run out on the bill this session.

View information for parties paying and receiving child support, including application instructions, payment estimates, paternity establishment, a glossary of terms, answers to frequently asked questions, a handbook, and forms.

In many cases these are breeders who were once licensed but gave up their licenses because of stricter kennel laws - or had their licenses revoked – but continued to operate illegally.

In other cases individuals who were never licensed but pay fines and keep collecting or selling dogs. They scatter and go into hiding when Dog Law shines the light on them but then rear their ugly heads when they think the coast is clear,” said Libby Williams, founder of Pet Watch NJ, which monitors illegal kennels and rescue groups.

The school said in a statement: ‘Norwin School District principals, teachers, and administrators wish to emphasize the importance of strong parental oversight of their children or teens’ Internet and computer habits.

The District also encourages all students to give serious thought to what photos and personal information they share online.

While a legal number of licensed dogs (23) dogs were found on the property King admitted to having above the legal limit (25) and will be cited for both criminal and civil violations, officials said.

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