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Aim: This course will increase participants’ knowledge and understanding of the needs of people with learning disabilities regarding relationships and sexual wellbeing.It will also enable participants’ to increase their confidence in supporting people with learning disabilities in the area of relationships and sexual wellbeing.Lord Uist said: "Even without the accused's background, an assault of this nature on an innocent woman out walking her dogs would, I would have thought, have merited High Court proceedings."The judge said it was "a matter of concern" that such a charge was prosecuted in the sheriff court.

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Mc Illravie repeatedly punched her on the head as she struggled with him, but the dogs harried him until he fled.

He was later found with injuries consistent with dog bites.

Once again, if I had been viewing the matter in isolation the sentence I would have imposed would have been one of 6 years imprisonment.

Finally, you were convicted of attempting to defeat the ends of justice by attempting to obstruct inquiries into the rape allegation and by attempting to destroy evidence.

But when she let go their leads, they remained beside her, barking at Mc Ilravie.

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