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(The above are not all inclusive.)Tight spandex, yoga pants, jeggings or leggings Short shorts or spandex shorts Shorts, skirts, dresses, or slits above knee Tight tops, pants, or dresses Bareback or bare midriff tops, shirts, or dresses Low-cut apparel, tank tops, tube tops, spaghetti straps, or mesh shirts. Any clothing that pictures or advertises substances that is illegal by law for minors, that is violent, profane, or suggestive in nature, or indicates gang activity and involvement, or derogatory remarks of an ethic nature. Shower shoes - Flip Flops - SLIDES - or any other shoes without a heel closure.Regular attendance and promptness are essential to a sound education.We will provide you with seasoned, effective counseling in an individualized, caring environment. I am structured to meet both individual and family needs in therapy.

Has anyone in your family struggled with alcohol or drugs?

You are probably wondering how will I ever choose a therapist.

Bolton High School enjoys a rich and unique history in Shelby County, Tennessee.

The current campus exists on the former Hoboken Plantation that was owned by Wade H. Upon his death in 1869, the prominent land owner set aside 1,200 acres for the founding of an agricultural college.

Baseball Web Page Follow Bolton Baseball on Twitter @ boltonbaseball1 Title One PUBLICATIONS "The Bolton Scratch" School Newspaper Online Scratch on Twitter- @boltonscratch GUIDANCE Request a Transcript ACT Test Prep 8/18: Millington – BLUE OUT 8/25: Bartlett – BLACK OUT 9/1: Brighton – WHITE OUT 9/8: Houston – AMERICA DAY 9/29: Kirby – HAWAIIAN DAY 10/6: Overton – HOMECOMING / BLUE OUT 10/27: Kingsbury / SENIOR NIGHT – PINK OUT Dear Wildcat Family, As principal of Bolton High, it is my pleasure to welcome all stakeholders to OUR school.

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