Sedating older equines updating windows server 2016

However, even after owning horses for many years, boarding at different barns, and managing other people’s herds, Kesia still hadn’t encountered an equine dentist who stood out as particularly good.A friend of mine who is a farrier (and former vet assistant) feels the same way. My herd in Alberta had their teeth hand-floated every year by my farrier – no sedation, standing in the pasture.

The animal this skull came from was humanely euthanized by gun, so there is one small bullet hole in the cranium.

This horse was euthanized due to old age and poor health”: So not a healthy, robust mustang, but at least it’s something!

I get nowhere near the traction and chewing ability on that tooth and I have to use a lot more pressure to chew food, since there are no sharp edges to tear the food apart.

All of my other molars have sharp edges around them.

I would like to see teeth comparisons of wild mustang horses who are in robust physical shape (good weight) before we decide what is ‘normal’ or ‘optimal’ for equine tooth shape, hooks, appearance, alignment, etc.

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