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You can Google those if you want, but don't place too much weight on the past.He's only looking forward now, concentrating only on regaining the respect and immense success he once held in the music industry.Somewhere along the way you forgot he crafted some of the biggest songs in hip-hop and pop history. Dre with the chilly, instantly recognizable keys to the inescapable smash "Still D. E." But due to a fast lifestyle and an even faster climbing pile of debt, he became the guy producing underwhelming music for the likes of Paris Hilton and Brooke Hogan.

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Rick James once famously warned that "cocaine's a hell of a drug" and Storch now knows why.

Don't blame yourself for not keeping tabs on him though, Storch understands it was because he made some bad choices.

We spoke about his new work with some of rap's biggest names, learning to separate work from play, his relationship with past collaborators, lessons learned, and what's next.

Duke London: First off, thanks for taking the time, I know you're a really busy guy right now. With these records I've been working on, normally from the start to when it's out, it takes a year.

Because I know Rap Genius fans are hardcore and want to know everything, not just the highlights, you're getting the full Director's Cut right here on RG.

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