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To get you started, take some time and explore the following areas: Triathlons for Women, by Sally Edwards, is one of the most popular books on triathlon training for women. You can purchase the book or track it down in your local library.

Let’s say you’ve got a triathlon coming up in October.

In this triathlon you must swim ¼ of a mile, bike 12 miles, and run 3.1 miles.decrease your volume of training so that you are well-rested and in peak condition for your event.

Now replace “bike” with “21-year-old Norwegian girlfriend” and maybe your wife’s feelings will make a little more sense.

To dive deeper into the phenomenon of “divorce by triathlon,” I went to Dr.

Even though there are rare instances of illegal doping and wildly unsportsmanlike behavior, the most common triathlon rule violations usually pertain to equipment and uniform violations.

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