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In the Cardinal position of the Inspiration Axis, Priests are naturally at home before large groups of people and can single-handedly draw a spellbound crowd into profound levels of emotional awakening, whether it be for spiritual enlightenment or to invade a foreign country during the Crusades.

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· Learn more SAMi Seizure response dogs are a special type of service dog trained to help someone who has epilepsy or a seizure disorder.

The data about whether or not a dog can predict a seizure is not proven.

Righteous indignation can certainly be a by-product of this behavior, and the Priest will suffer the condemnation of their peers until they learn that these displays of superiority are not conducive towards raising the consciousness of their subjects.

Overall, Priests are emotional, high-spirited, and brimming with energy, and they approach life with determination and purpose. They are usually late to bed and early to rise, and rarely does a day go by when they don't find a way to either improve themselves or the people around them.

The caring and enthusiastic inspiration of the Priest lovingly challenges us to seek fulfillment and evolution in our lives.

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