Rim backdating options

To insure that our existing drivers share the track with safe, competent competitors, we’ve established the following criteria for driver eligibility.Please note that ALL drivers new to VRG, without exception, are required to attend a Driver Orientation Program (DOP) at their first event, consisting of a brief review of the Those who hold licenses or driving credentials with Vintage Motorsport Council (VMC) member clubs will be accepted into VRG events as “visiting” drivers.Our mission is to promote the active use of vintage cars in a format that emphasizes safety and enjoyment.

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Rim backdating options archaeology and radiocarbon dating

A car built in extremely limited numbers, often one of a kind.

Normally a unique combination of chassis/body/engine. May be eligible in VRG sports-racing class if all major components (engine, running gear, body, chassis) were manufactured prior to the cut-off date, A production vehicle that has been modified beyond the rules of the relevant production class (replacement engine, modified chassis, re-bodied).

These rules include our requirements, and numerous recommendations.

Recommended items are not strictly required, but such recommendations should be given serious consideration by the car owner and driver.

VRG has established policies and programs to insure that essentially anybody interested in running with us will be able to do so.

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