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But as healing crept in, my acting career began to flourish (and that later led to writing and Girl Boner). A few years later, I met a man who loves me sincerely, with whom I feel more like myself than ever. If you relate to this story, you’ve probably dated someone on the sociopath spectrum: people who lack empathy and remorse, who thrive on power and control.There’s so much to say about all of this, which is why I’m launching a series here and on . T was treating people who never received such treatment like superstars. He returned with 20-plus bottles, one of each available brand, some chilled, some room temperature.

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One night the teacher prompted us to sit face-to-face with a partner, look them straight in the eyes and say whatever came to mind.

When I turned to seek a partner, T was right there. I sat in the car with other students, including a single mom, an elderly woman and a man who’d fled his homeland in seek of the American Dream.

Sometimes the most important thing we can do is recognize that the little voice deep within whispering is brilliant, and worth listening to—even if our hearts can’t catch up with it just yet.

Recent studies reveal that psychopaths (sociopaths) permeate our everyday lives as ordinary people who move through life wreaking havoc on unsuspecting victims, leaving them in financial and emotional ruin – or dead.

It was as though he filled voids I hadn’t known I had.

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