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As Fat Joe recently explained to us, "Every time you’re rapping with somebody, it’s like a competition, but it goes without being said." There are times, as with Jay and Biggie on "Brooklyn's Finest," where two MCs go hard and the result is a win/win.

"Certain people took it and ran with it and hyped it up," he tells Ebro. Or why it’s taken three years to put out another album? I'm doing this for the same reason everybody else started doing this back in the day for this respect. Stop holding me back.” MGK's words sound like a direct response to Eminem to lift any ban, real or imagined, on his career.

"Certain people won't even listen or review this joint. MGK worked with the likes of Pusha T and Meek Mill in 2013, but since then he has kept a lower profile on hip-hop collaborations. The circumstances have had negative effects, but for the most part the Cleveland native continues to win.

Fuck anybody who's trying to take food off not just my plate, but a whole city. [by Sermon, who thinks everyone needs to hear MGK's"Merry Go Round." Follow him on Twitter. DJBooth is committed to quality music journalism, never clickbait.

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Allegedly, he was playing in the concert while police raided to put him behind bars while wasting so many audiences’ money tickets.

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