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Unlike many other sex management strategies that have been implemented over the years, English, Pullen, and Jones (1996) developed the containment approach based on their study of best practices in place across the country.

Research on the effectiveness of the containment approach has been completed in a handful of jurisdictions across the country.

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Despite the intuitive value of using science to guide decision-making, laws and policies designed to combat sexual offending are often introduced or enacted in the absence of empirical support.

This dynamic was recently acknowledged and identified as a concern by the national experts—both researchers and practitioners—who participated in the February 2012 SOMAPI forum.

In discussing the study results, the researchers concluded, "Despite the experience of hundreds of intensive supervision programs in this country and many studies, albeit few experimental, we still know very little about the effectiveness of these programs to reduce prison overcrowding, and…, to reduce crime in detectable ways" (Petersilia & Turner, 1993, p. Questions about the effectiveness of intensive supervision in the absence of treatment have led to the development of intensive supervision programs with a treatment orientation.

A specific example is the containment approach, which includes collaboration on specialized supervision of sexual offenders provided by trained supervision personnel, sex-offense-specific treatment, and polygraph assessment.

Several large-scale studies have assessed the effectiveness of intensive supervision used with criminal offenders.

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