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That evolution has been gradually occurring since Jon Goldwater stepped into the role of Archie Comics CEO and publisher in 2009.

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But Goldwater and Kupperberg pressed on, and, staying true to form, the series ended in 2014 with Archie giving his life to stop an assassination attempt on Kevin, who was now a senator. 36 is one of the great single issues in recent comics history, a tearjerker that brilliantly uses the history of Archie Comics to bring heartbreaking gravitas to the death of the company’s flagship character.

The issue sold exceptionally well — it was in the top 30 best-selling comics of its release month, selling nearly 30 times as many copies as the preceding issue.

September 1, 2010, was a huge day in Archie Comics history: No.

1 debuted, sending Archie into adulthood for an ambitious new series that spotlighted his marriages to Betty and Veronica in two separate timelines.

And it’s worked: 75 years after the character’s introduction, Archie is getting a big push into the mainstream spotlight as The CW launches -inspired take on the classic comic series.

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