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It is a process indeed, and I honestly am a bit skeptical about witnessing the day when Asian males will be viewed as just as masculine as their non Asian counterparts here, considering America's general difficulty of seeing non-White males as equals [Whilst Asian males have been desexualized or emasculated, the opposite has been true for Black males.], but changes are there.

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It wasn't unusual to hear Asian girls saying comments like "I don't date Asian guys", "Eww..

dating an Asian guy is like dating my own brother", etc.

American girls [and guys] flipping through the magazines, turning on the TV, being surrounded by countless ads; they barely saw any "dateable" Asian guys.

Interestingly, Asian girls have been around for quite a while in the media, being portrayed as very desirable, and when paired up with a cool guy, he was White in well over 90% and Latino and/or Black in 9% of the cases.

From a blog about Hawaii Five-0: " [Chin Ho Kelly and Kono Kalakaua] play second fiddle to the true heroes on the show. Chin Ho is a local guy (although his Pidgin is atrocious) but he gets one-upped by some short Haole that just moved to Hawaii from New Jersey?! If I was creating a police task force and needed to know where all the gangs congregate or where the criminals moms sisters boyfriends friend lived, I wouldnt call up the guy who lives in the Pagoda Hotel! I am divorced with a child but living a celibate life style and I am hard working. Iv'e always thought Asian men were very attractive. I am thinking of going back to california or Hawaii to settle down and make my dreams come true.

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