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In addition, repetition and drop-out rates in the region remain unacceptably high throughout primary education.

Average repetition rates for all grades are about 15 percent, and approximately 4 out of 10 children drop out at the primary level.

On average, enrolment in primary school is now higher for girls than for boys.

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The advantages of girls’ education thus do not stop at the boundaries of a single child, but ripple through families, communities, and nations.

Countries throughout then Eastern and Southern Africa region (ESAR) have made progress in ensuring girls can enjoy their right to education. Primary education: Access to primary school education in ESAR has increased exponentially since the World Education Forum in 2000.

However, the average often masks significant gender gaps between and also within countries.

In Comoros (75 percent/71 percent), Eritrea (50 percent/43 percent), Mozambique (82 percent/80 percent) and Somalia (25 percent/21 percent) net enrolment of boys is higher than of girls.

When she started coaching, Mary developed a passion to train young girls, and in 2011 she nurtured her passion and started working with young girls to identify netball talent from grassroots level through netball clinics.

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