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According to her lawyer, Cole claims that Sandler "barged into her dressing room to berate her for not wearing a microphone" while she was "completely naked and exposed, excepting a very sheer thong bikini underwear bottom." Futhermore, she says that Sandler yelled at her in front of other models "without even trying to turn away or avert his eyes from her nakedness." Disgusting! Lanisha says that she filed a formal complaint with HR at the show, but she was totally brushed off, and then quit back in December.

In her lawsuit, Cole is seeking "damages for wrongful termination, sexual harassment, false imprisonment, and intentional infliction of emotional distress." Assuming all her claims are 100% legit, we hope those sleazy producers are fired and appropriately punished in court! That would make this even more upsetting than it already is!

Stirling was found wanting in those areas, they said, so she was let go.

The model tried to allege that she was forced into taking too much time off during her pregnancy, and that as a result, wasn't given the opportunity to become acquainted with the new staff.

The jury agreed and determined that Fremantle Media North America and The Price is Right Productions owed her more than $8.5 million in all.

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