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The couples didn't spend time alone together, so it didn’t seem dangerous in any way; it just seemed unnecessary at this age, and a little inappropriate.“I think you’re too young to date,” I told my daughter, and she agreed. She was happy, it was all innocent fun, and I decided to give her my blessing.

Until a couple of weeks later, when she came home with some news.“Mathew* asked me out,” she told me. About a week into their romance - which consisted of Skype messages and games at recess - the entire Year 5 were summoned in for a Talk.

Charlotte Dawson and Frankie Cocozza sheepishly admitted to hooking up during an episode of Celebs Go Dating last week, following a seriously awkward double date with members of the public.

Nadia Essex and Eden Blackman firmly told the pair at the end of last week, that the pair had to steer clear of each other and continue dating non-celebrities for the remainder of the series.

The kids were too young for these kind of experiences. " I asked."Well, Katy said that it doesn't matter what the school says, Jake is still her boyfriend.

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