Free granny hook up

You’re basically going to add another layer to the granny square, following the same pattern we learned last week in the classic granny square tutorial. Crochet around three sides of the granny square — dc 3 into each of the side spaces. When you finish the third side, prepare the next granny square.

Free granny hook up-37

They are the most important, as you’re often crocheting around less sides than on the middle squares.

Begin by joining your yarn to the corner of the first granny square.

Photo tutorial for how to join-as-you-go with crochet granny squares.

Turn your handmade squares into a pillow, blanket, or afghan with an easy joining technique that lays flat and adds width to your project.

When you’ve joined the last square of the row, begin crocheting around every side of the squares, except for the final side of the last square.

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