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He walked past someone who said "I like your shirt." Brad took it off and gave it to him. He wore his shirt for the Badfish music video--the band's playing at a party on the beach and the girls are in bikini thongs and Brad and Lou Dog are sitting on a boulder with waves crashing all around them.

The Northeast and Southern California have some sort of polar relationship.

With "Sublime" tattooed on his back (courtesy of Opie Ortiz) he took the band wherever there was enough booze to keep suburban life from being such a fat stick in the ass bum out.

They wouldn't play much past the Mississippi and loathed Oregon.

In Portland there was a dispute over a bill at Denny's.

Eric was asked how it felt to have "Date Rape" blow up. A neighbor tells them that when they go out the dog whimpers for hours. Lou Dog the dalmatian went everywhere with Bradley.

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