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They arise historically, and then become fetters on further progress. Insurrection constitutes the sharpest and most critical moment in the struggle for power of two classes.“All that arises deserves to be destroyed.” But no ruling class has ever voluntarily and peacefully abdicated. The insurrection can lead to the real victory of the Revolution and to the establishment of a new order only when it is based on a progressive class, which is able to rally around it the overwhelming majority of the people.

Every social regime until now has secured enormous advantages to the ruling class.

It is clear, therefore, that social regimes are not eternal. It transfers the power from the hands of a class which has exhausted itself into those of another class, which is in the ascendant.

In questions of life and death, arguments based on reason have never replaced the arguments of force. As distinguished from the processes of nature, a revolution is made by human beings and through human beings.

But in the course of revolution, too, men act under the influence of social conditions which are not freely chosen by them but are handed down from the past and imperatively point out the road which they must follow.

At all events, the purpose of my lecture is to help to understand.

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