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Since the passage of legislation banning corporal punishment in South African schools, disruptive behaviour in schools has become an issue of national concern.

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The project focused on Foundation Phase learners, firstly because learners in this phase are in a developmental stage where they need to seriously master the laws of society and learn to abide by rules and behave in appropriate ways.

Secondly, this developmental stage coincides with the beginning of formal schooling when the learning environment is structured according to the rules applicable to formal schooling.

Families, schools and society are regarded as social systems that interact with each other, are dependent on and influenced by each other (Laszlo, 19).

Plas (19) elaborates by saying that "systems associate integrally with other systems. Furthermore, context is a key concept within general systems theory.

One of the dominant goals of a system, however, is that it is driven by a survival motive and a felt need for stability which ties in with the survival motive. In this process of self-maintenance a system generates creative forces within itself that enable it to alter circumstances and in any case the system cannot remain healthy if it precludes the possibility of change (Cain, 19).

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