Dating sites poered by osdate

We have reverse-engineered many popular mortgage calculators, and are now providing 100% of the source code to you. GPix is a FREE yet powerful word link script, based on the popular marketing concept of link advertising.

This system requires only a web server running PHP/My SQL, and the ability to chmod files and folders. Enhance the power of php My Admin’s export feature, and backup your database(s) and web files automatically using scheduled cronjobs.

Lua modules based on the Scribunto/Lua extension are stored in resource pages using the Module: namespace.

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This are generally going to be one of two things: The date as yyyy-mm-dd followed by a "T" for "time" and then hh:mm:ss followed by a positive or negative hh:mm offset from UTC that the string is returning.

This will be when the resource you are getting the date from returns some local server time, perhaps on a site like our forums where you set your personal time zone information and the RSS feed returns things in your local time.

Set Option', 'Meter Now Local', 'Text', 'Now Local: '.date(standard Format, time Local Now)) SKIN: Bang('!

Set Option', 'Meter Now UTC', 'Text', 'Now UTC: '.date(standard Format, time UTCAdjusted)) SKIN: Bang('!

This script can also be easily modified for use as a customizable blog (web log).

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