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The missions and subsequent settlements impacted the overall development of the state through architecture, language, and culture.Mission Soledad is the final resting place of Governor Jos' Joaquin de Arrillaga, first governor of Alta California 1804-1814. John the Divine Catholic Church, Kansas City, Kansas For more than 50 years, St.

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Arkansas Sculptures of Dionicio Rodriguez Explore the outdoor tinted concrete sculptures of artist Dioncio Rodriquez.

Cine El Rey Discover South Texas's most luxurious "Mexican Theatre" Rancho Camulos Learn more about the inspiration for the setting of the novel Ramona Trevino-Uribe Rancho One of the most significant examples of Spanish/Mexican vernacular architecture in the United States Santa Barbara Presidio Historic District Learn more about the presidio and pueblo of Santa Barbara, California during the Spanish Colonial period. Augustine Town Plan Historic District Read more about St.

Barela-Reynolds House, NM Find out how a housekeeper, a priest, and the Gadsen Purchase fit into the history of this house in Mesilla, NM!

One of several historic buildings facing the famous plaza in Mesilla , New Mexico , the Barela-Reynolds House (also known as the J.

Trujillo Homestead Meet the Trujillo family, first generation Hispanic-American ranchers in Alamosa County, Colorado.

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