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So they put a call out for old corks and discovered that the Girl Guides collect and recycle them to raise funds, but this revenue has been hit by all the screwcaps.

The vintage transport photos in this section of the site are now spread over 18 pages.

Most are black & white or sepia, with just a few being early colour shots.

Wirra Wirra built thier baby, which is not a statement about corks, but a recognition of leaving them behind, the chance to create something interesting and to remind everyone that amid a lot of the gloom that surrounds the wine industry today, Wirra Wirra hasn’t lost site of their philosophy that “this should all be fun”. Do you know of (or own) any amazing Australian BIG things?

Henry Clay Frick (December 19, 1849 – December 2, 1919) was an American industrialist, financier, union-buster, and art patron. In 1871, at 21 years old, Frick joined two cousins and a friend in a small partnership, using a beehive oven to turn coal into coke for use in steel manufacturing, and vowed to be a millionaire by the age of thirty. Thanks to loans from the family of lifelong friend Andrew W. This introduction would lead to an eventual partnership between H. Frick & Company and Carnegie Steel Company and, eventually, to United States Steel. Three hundred Pinkerton detectives assembled on the Davis Island Dam on the Ohio River about five miles (8 km) below Pittsburgh at p.m. They were given Winchester rifles, placed on two specially-equipped barges and towed upriver with the object of removing the workers by force.

Although Cambria Iron's facilities were heavily damaged, they returned to full production within a year and a half.

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