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I have accepted a placement in Sierra Leone, a third world developing country located in western Africa.

If you would like to chat with a student in the City of Bo, Sierra Leone let me know at [email protected] I’ll hook you up through Local Government officer Sheka Kamara.

Like all parents the world over, education in Sierra Leone is highly valued and great sacrifices are made by many for the future generation.

The enlightened see education especially of girls as the way out of poverty.

However the education system has badly failed due mainly to the lack of teaching skills and poor treatment of teachers.

"And Amma would listen intently, while making sure her rotis didn't burn and would say familiar names 'Gitanjali Iyer', "Rini Khanna". Scandalous, she would murmur and blush a shade red. Old melodies that would play and I would hear Amma crooning along with it- songs that were in her past.

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