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In 1885 the Northwest Rebellion affected the tiny community in a variety of ways.

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On the east side, Lorne Avenue demarcates east and west while Aird Street marks the north/south boundary, except in the Sutherland community where a separate east/west demarcation takes place with Central Avenue as the boundary (there is, however, no separate north/south divide).

Pike Lake and Blackstrap Provincial Parks are 40 km (25 mi) south of the city.

In 1882, the Toronto-based Temperance Colonization Society was granted 21 sections of land straddling the South Saskatchewan River, between what is now Warman and Dundurn.

The aim of the group was to escape the liquor trade in that city and set up a "dry" community in the Prairie region.

The lowest point in the city is the river, while the highest point is disputed between the suburb of Sutherland in the east side and the Silverwood-River Heights areas in the city's north end.

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