Chatrandon per android

Furthermore, Konshens is a “teaching Artist-in-Residence” at 3 different schools in Washington, DC courtesy of Guerrilla Arts program headed by Gabriel Asheru Benn (writer & performer of The Boondocks cartoon theme song).

KSOM have won many awards and accolades, to include: Konshens The MC has an inspirational book looking to release in (2014) followed by the 4th independent album release.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS Konshens has also done something unique in his musical journey by constructing his own (7 piece) band “STATE of MIND”.

As a precocious toddler, he was a guest performer with his uncle’s ” 2nd Amendment” and by 4, he was attending The Institute for the Gifted and Talented and focusing on the piano and later clarinet.

As a young child, he began writing poetry and continued to play music wherever there was an audience, usually at church, school, or family gatherings.

The Qwerty on touchscreen is like using a steering wheel on a bicycle: just because I can turn it doesn’t mean that the controller should be like this.

A bicycle needs a controller designed for it: the handlebar.

A touchscreen needs a keyboard designed for it: Keybee.

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