Chatelaine horny

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The fact is, our sense of security as it exists now can be undermined rapidly – and the time to prepare for such an evaporation is when it seems barely possible, not after it has happened.

I get nervous when people email me and say that they know that they are secure because they work as a teacher or for X or Y business.

It is quite common for me to hear someone tell me just how much they love my work, and for it to become absolutely clear in our conversation that while they may well believe in some ways that lives may change, that I may have a point, at a fundamental and deep level they know that they will not be one of those people struggling, and that their ecological impact and choices are perfectly reasonable, and that there is no reason whatsoever to discuss them.

Now I am a normal person, and perfectly capable of hanging out with people who respect my work but don’t necessarily agree with everything I say, or who aren’t ready to implement my ideas.

But if there’s a little part of you that thinks that just possibly I might not be, try, for a bit, to live it like you mean it.

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