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Three current participants representing libraries of different types and with different library systems gave a brief overview of how they process the monthly files, the decisions that were made, and tips for handling issues. She also gave the pros and cons of receiving changed records. They use the Ex Libris Voyager system and have a home-grown link tracker.

Liza Weisbrod explained how although they are aware that they can eliminate older cataloging records distributed by GPO, they prefer to receive them since much of their legacy collection is uncataloged. As the largest public Library in New Jersey, they are the regional for the state.

Before, all books measuring below 0L were given a “BR” (Beginning Reader) code.

Newark creates their own item records and uses their catalog as a shelflist.

They also get the Historic Shelflist records, an option which is available through the CRDP.

September 8, 2017 The GPO (Government Publishing Office) is initiating its eighth year of the Cataloging Record Distribution Program (CRDP), with MARCIVE as the contractor.

On September 7, 2017 MARCIVE participated in a webinar hosted by GPO titled Cataloging Record Distribution Program Workflows.

It contains reading difficulty indicators in four areas: July 31, 2017 Our new Comprehensive Notification Service (CNS) has many good benefits and one, in particular, was illustrated with the recent quarterly re-processing of a customer’s bibliographic file.

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