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While the DOE highly considers your preferences in your placement, the primary purpose of the program is to serve the local schools’ needs.English is the language of instruction for schools, but Samoan is the vernacular.

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American Samoa ranks in about the 40th percentile according to the Stanford Achievement Tests designed for Native English Language though there is a strong variation in the levels of English skills among students.

While you are a volunteer, World Teach encourages you to become involved in extracurricular activities and community life.

Take a plane or boat to the more remote islands of Manu’a or Aunu’u and those comforts give way to gravel roads, no restaurants, limited access to groceries, and a more rustic way of life.

On all the islands of American Samoa, you will still find families living off the land, planting taro, breadfruit, cucumber, papaya, and other fruits and vegetables.

Even if not in an intimate host family situation, you must recognize the importance of social life at home in Samoa.

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