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So we go back to defending alarmingly, Hector living up to the reputation of his cartoon namesake (ask your dad, anyone under about 50) by failing to cover properly and he and Dawson both guilty of giving the leather away when under no pressure.

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Until Jarrod Bowen rides to the rescue on 26 minutes.

receiving the leather in the inside right channel from Aina and firing low from outside the box just inside Kuszczak’s left-hand post.

Henriksen starts the move, Meyler and Larsson combine and feed it back to Henriksen, who has continued his run into the box and slides home. If Barcelona had scored that goal the pundits would have been purring.

If Chelsea or Man City had scored it it would have been shown in every Sky Sports ad break and trailer till kingdom come.

Under normal circumstances, a City side 3-0 up would be cheered to the rafters at the interval, and the fact that they weren’t really yesterday was another example of how the antics of the owners have relentlessly dampened the zest and fervour of the Tiger Nation. During the half-time interval, a massive roar is heard from the concourse. Clearly, though, Mr Slutsky, for his part, has had words with his defence at the interval and Hector in particular has a better half, making a couple of vital blocks.

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