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ET/PT with the season finale on May 9, 2010, and in Canada, the show premiered on the A-Channel, not CTV (due to the 2010 Winter Olympics), but it returned to CTV after the Winter Olympics concluded. Brothers Daniel "Dan" and Jordan Pious were the winners of this Race.

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That said, Hayley and Blair weren’t the least fortunate team of the day.

Season 6's initial drawing point was the Hotter and Sexier cast, including a former Playboy Playmate, fitness trainers, professional wrestlers, and the prerequisite models and actors.

Despite never finishing in the top half of the field they made it to to the Final 3, where they were never quite able to get on the same flight as the other two teams.

Rebecca would go on to be a cast member on the Bravo reality show Dating actors remembered mostly for Hayden's cleavage.

The Amazing Race 16 is the sixteenth installment of the American reality television show The Amazing Race.

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