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The long awaited second review in my running series of dance movie reviews, here's Center Stage, which might be termed a sleeper but a lot of people have watched it. Surprisingly, Center Stage was not available at video stores.This gem of a dance movie wasn't anywhere to be found in Target or Wal-Mart.

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Plus there's the overbearing dance director, the demanding but caring instructor, and the sports mom who cares more about dancing than her daughter.

Overall you couldn't ask for much more so let's not penalize the ensemble nature of this film, which is harder to pull off than you'd think.

But of course, the best line from this movie, probably the greatest dance movie line of all time is this: "You didn't have the feet.

I don't have the heart." Here's the dialogue from the scene (and video) so you can feel the full impact.

He shows her that there's more to life than dancing, like eating pizza with his buds, kissing while holding ice cream, and being a well rounded normal person. As Maureen states upon meeting him, she only has ten years to make it as a ballerina, and that leaves no time for romance.

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