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The game will also have sim like features to further the point that you are indeed "living" in a foreign video game world.

In order to survive in this world filled with many NPCs and players with varying personalities, money is required. That being said, the meat of the game is focused in Estal City, so the exploration part of the game will be developed slowly.

New Page creation of the character with his "history". With no way to return to the real world or your male avatar, what will you do to survive in this new world you found yourself in? Exploration and combat is also a big part of the game.

Download links: Girl_1.4 Girl_1.4Captivity Rpg Game - New Version 0.1.0 build 4.4 Date: Language: English Version: 0.1.0 build 4.4 Censored: No Size: 237 mb Tags: Rpg, Adventure, Sexy girl, Big tits, All sex, Forced, Humilation, Monsters, Fantasy, Info: In Captivity, you take on the role of either a man or a woman who due to a mysterious incident, find yourself trapped inside the game world of an MMORPG named "Dragon Song." Shortly after you stepped foot in an abandoned house, the male character that hosts your conscious, turns into a female one. Politics will be involved (albeit nothing close to real life's), and you'll play a part in it.

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- Fumi's Bullseye spell now works a little differently, to eliminate bugs.

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